Electric Wheelchair vs. Electric Mobility Scooters: Which is Better for You?

Electric Wheelchair vs. Electric Mobility Scooters: Which is Better for You?

Are you scratching your head, wondering which one is better: an Electric Wheelchair or a Mobility Scooter? Has searching through various websites and looking at videos of these products tired you out? More importantly, have you ended up being stuck and unable to make a viable decision?

Well, not anymore! Now, you are in the right place. This article will guide you through the main differences between an electric wheelchair and a mobility scooter. Our aim is to provide you with factual information and practical recommendations. This is only to make your wheelchair-buying experience more fun and considerably easier!

When it comes to electric chairs or Mobility scooters, both of them serve more or less the same purpose. Obviously enough, that is to make traveling more user-oriented for physically disabled people. Considering such mobility aids, it is vital to conduct some research first. This is because electric chairs and mobility scooters come in different shapes and sizes and in different price ranges. Thus, it may make your head spin trying to decide which one is better of the two.

Regardless of the difference in type, our main core focus is to educate you about both. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide that can aid your decision better.

What is an electric wheelchair?

We’ll kick things off by sharing the brief definition and then further narrowing it down to its pros and cons. People with disabilities that limit their ability to walk independently use power wheelchairs. The wheelchair they use relies on simple electric controls and a joystick for automatic steering and propulsion, so they probably can't operate it manually either.


A few pros are listed down below on electric wheelchairs. You can click here and find some!

Enables freedom

When it’s a person who struggles on daily basis to move and their job is done, the factor of dependence arises, but with the help of an electric wheelchair, this factor is been eliminated thus making the disabled person a sense of freedom and also they can enjoy higher terms of independence as well.


As we did mention above electric wheelchair comes in different shapes and sizes. This makes it suitable for indoor and for outdoor activities as well. A very cool feature is that there are other models that can also be operated on rough and rugged terrain for sports as well.


Most wheelchair users are tired of others having to push them around. This steals their sense of independence. However, with the advancement in technology, this should no longer be a worry! Electric chairs offer easy control over the wheelchair. The user only has to push around certain buttons to move from one place to another. Therefore, you will not need anyone to push you around the places – electric wheelchair gives you complete control of your journey.


Since the wheelchair is considered a medical device, most of the models come in with the full option of being customizable. This feature ensures that the wheelchair is accessible to all types of wheelchair users. You may want to work with your respective supplier to get the accurate dimensions, size, and required accessories for your ride. This must be done to ensure the perfect fit for you!

Postural support

One factor that many individuals who use wheelchair overlook the aspect of posture. It is highly important for wheelchair users to have great postural support in their wheelchairs. This is so because they have to sit down on it for extended hours. Some wheelchair users depend completely on this mobility aid as they have to use it for the rest of their lives. Thus, sitting down for such long hours can lead to spinal injury.

Furthermore, this is mainly for those suffering from spinal injuries or muscular dystrophy. Electric wheelchairs contain many features, one such that offers postural support. This will enable you with a healthy and improved posture. Subsequently, it will give a gateway to a healthy life.


An electric wheelchair is an absolute marvel but it certainly isn’t perfect. The thing with wheelchairs is it’s all personally customized, so if a person discontinues using them then that specific model is not appropriate for anyone leaving it all abandoned.

Some are transport-unfriendly  

One thing to also keep in your mind is that many electric wheelchairs are extremely heavy! This can make transportation difficult. The travel becomes even tougher with the fact the most electric wheelchairs do not collapse or fold at all. If you want to travel with your electric wheelchair or put it in the trunk of your car, make sure you get a lightweight electric wheelchair.

If you don't get a lightweight electric wheelchair, you will likely have no other option but to have an adapted van with a special feature of lifting the wheelchair into the van. This will increase your investment cost as it raises your overall budget. 

What is a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are battery-powered, non-medical transportation tools that are more commonly thought of as consumer goods. The uncomplicated design consists of a three-wheel or four-wheel base, a simple swivel seat, and a tiller for steering. Normally, scooters cannot be modified. You may be able to change a few components, like the seat, but for the most part, you get what you see. This type of equipment requires a user to have powerful arms, fine motor control, and trunk control.



A mobility scooter will offer the same level of benefit as compared to an electric wheelchair. But mobility scooters do have a downfall when it comes to speed, range, and functionality. You can click here to find a variety of them!

A few benefits of mobility scooters are mentioned down below.

Easy to use

One of the most obvious advantages of a mobility scooter is that it is easy to use. When it comes down to being convenient and user-friendly, mobility scooters should be your choice! Such scooters offer a mere number of technical options to control. They may have top speeds of 4 mph to 5 mph and a battery range of 10 miles to 15 miles. This makes it super easy for the user.


Surprisingly enough, mobility scooters are quite affordable! This low-price factor gives the scooters a little upper hand on electric wheelchairs. Its starting price can easily range from $1,500 - $2,000. The price range makes the equipment accessible to a larger audience.


Mobility scooters are like a piece of cake when it comes down to portability. They are lightweight, foldable, and often broken down into small pieces. Some electric wheelchairs are also lightweight and foldable, but many are not. This makes mobility scooters easy to travel with. With such features, you don’t need to invest in vehicle lifts or a specialized van. You can put the scooter right into your trunk! This reduces your overall expenditure. Moreover, it makes it easier to travel as well!


Unfortunately, just as any other mobility aid, mobility scooters also has them. A few are listed below.

Limited Battery Time

The first con for mobility scooters is that they are not meant for heavy-duty use. This means that the battery timing is quite limited and low. As a result, it does not enable one to use it for a longer period of time. 

No custom-fit

Another drawback is that it is not customizable. As a result, you cannot have a scooter that befits your particular needs. This drawback means you will not be able to make it according to your standards. For instance, your weight, size, comfort, or support will not be met. If you are lucky enough, you might find a mobility scooter with the exact level of comfort you want. Unfortunately, though, this is highly unlikely to happen. Your comfort will be at the expanse with a mobility scooter.

Conclusion: What is Right for You?

The best choice for you will depend on your physical capabilities and way of living. To sum up, this comparison is between power wheelchairs and scooters. People with moderate to severe disabilities who require a robust tool to help them move throughout the day should use powerchairs. People with mild to moderate disabilities should consider a lightweight, foldable electric wheelchair. People with mild disabilities who want an affordable option should consider a scooter. 

In the end, it will come down to you. At Elite Scooters, we offer a high-performance electric wheelchair that is priced similarly to a scooter, giving you the best of both worlds. You can see our highly-rated products here.
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