10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Wheelchair

10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Wheelchair

Other than being just a mobility aid, a wheelchair is more like an extension of the body, especially for those who use it for daily purposes to maneuver themselves around. It not only provides an individual with a sense of independence but with the great advancement in technology, it also offers an array of wheelchair types and styles that could easily befit the needs of the vastly diverse population that makes use of it.

Irrespective of how long you may require a wheelchair (may it be for a few weeks only or the rest of your life), the notion of the freedom of movement is of significance that can have a favorable impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

This all-inclusive article is all you will need to make the best choice for your buying wheelchair experience accommodating. Here are various wheelchair options that you may want to check out! Below are just a few ways to choose the best wheelchair for yourself.

The Period You Will Be Using Wheelchair For

Not all users of wheelchairs use the said equipment for most of their walking hours. At times, a wheelchair might only be used as an aid for transport. As a result, there might be different wheelchairs necessary for a person who uses them for merely transportation purposes than those who require them for daily purposes.

A less complicated manual wheelchair may be a fine alternative for temporary use, but people searching for a wheelchair that will last should consider a model with additional support capabilities, safeguarding the skin, and a personalized fit. Moreover, power wheelchairs are indeed suggested for long-term usage because they frequently feature greater space and maneuvering aids when compared to regular wheelchairs.

There are also customized wheelchairs that are made specifically to accommodate the individual it is created for. Such a wheelchair contains multiple features, including armrests, footrests, adjustable height, etc.,

The Amount of Support Required

You might want to think about an elevated wheelchair or a chair with more safety features like head cushions, safety harnesses, and diagonal stabilizers if you have difficulties maintaining your upper and lower body.

A lighter build ergonomic wheelchair is a fantastic compromise between an ultra-supportive elevated wheelchair and a basic mechanical wheelchair if you require a little less assistance but still intend to use your wheelchair for the majority of the time.

Ability to Push Wheelchair Independently

The ability to maneuver a wheelchair varies from person to person. While some use a self-propelled wheelchair, others prefer ones that they can push only intermittently. Those who can push their wheelchair around for as long as they might need may want a manual. A manual wheelchair might be the most suitable option for you. However, a scooter or a power chair might be of great help if you cannot move around all the time or do not prefer doing so.

A motorized wheelchair is the best option for someone who does not want to push themselves around. Such a wheelchair is easier for those who do not wish to over-exert themselves.

Your Body Shape, Weight, & Size

One important aspect to keep in mind is the correct weight and size of the wheelchair. This is because you might want to ensure that your wheelchair can support your body weight. Moreover, that it can be rightly adjusted to maintain a good posture.

To do this, you can measure your height and your weight. With respect to your particular size, you may look at several wheelchairs.

For instance, pediatric wheelchairs are designed specifically for utilization by children. They are frequently offered in combinations that will develop as the child grows, eliminating the need for yearly wheelchair expenditures.

Similarly, Bariatric wheelchairs are also available for individuals who are considerably heavier than the average size or those with obesity.

Portability in Wheelchairs

Today's wheelchairs are designed with portability kept in mind which is visible through features such as the ability to fold the wheelchair or store it. With such features, there is no doubt that this also becomes an excellent selling point to enchant potential buyers.

For traveling purposes, there are many electric models. These are not only light in weight but can also be dismantled which allows carrying the wheelchair in a more feasible manner. In addition, there are also user-friendly vehicle wheelchair lifts. These can help you out in transporting wheelchairs in and out of the vehicle.

To further assist yourself, you might want to invest in a wheelchair ramp at the front of your house. This is so that it may be an unchallenging experience for you to enter or exit your house!

Outdoor Activities

Depending on your activities, you may want to consider the extent of your activities in terms of how much strength they may require. For instance, some wheelchair users keep separate wheelchairs for outdoor purposes and for indoor activities. Most might not deem this an important aspect when buying wheelchairs. However, it should be remembered to make sure that you enjoy your outdoor experiences to the fullest!

A really cool advancement is perhaps the beach wheelchair. A wheelchair of such type is perfect for someone who enjoys time on the beach or maybe lives near one. All-terrain wheelchairs are also a good addition if you love going out to the pool.

Wheelchair Accessories

In order to promote comfort, enhance mobility, and reduce injury, a wheelchair with various added features and accessories.

Although securing brake lever extensions offer dependable stay-in-place performance, anti-tip mechanisms are a cheap improvement that can help avoid possibly deadly skull cracks.

Armrests with adjustment options enhance stance and relaxation. While armrests that may be removed make it easier to slide up to a tabletop. Bolstering leg rests encourage optimum blood flow. This can lessen stiffness and edema, while a headrest enhances convenience for all-day resting.

Susceptibility to Skin Breakdown

Skin shear describes the downward force of gravitation on the person when there is opposition from the wheelchair and the occupant. It is ideal to avoid this situation if technically feasible because it is uncomfortable, difficult to cure, and can result in more serious issues.

Users of wheelchairs are frequently more likely to get skin shearing than anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down. The simplest manner of avoiding such a problem is by using an ergonomic wheelchair.

A tremendous help can be a standup wheelchair which provides a break from sitting all day long and developing different types of skin shearing.

Risk of Pressure Ulcers

Decubitus ulcers, another name for pressure sore or wounds, develop when the same area of the body is repeatedly and irritably pressed, typically the greater skeletal prominences.

A special, padded seat is generally included in ergonomic wheelchairs to protect users from developing sores, which can happen after spending a lot of time in the wheelchair.

Additionally, this cushioning acts as a safety precaution, lowering the risk of harm from a wheelchair crash. Foam can give an additional level of relaxation and minimize heat and dampness buildup, varies based on the patient's demands and the length of period they will be utilizing the wheelchair.

Various Adjustable Designs

Reclining wheelchairs are made for people who might devote a lot of hours in their chairs and need some adjustability, much like the comfort ergonomic wheelchair models offer. Recliner wheelchairs can recline, as the term suggests, and most of these models stretch nearly to a level area for relaxing.

With the ability to tilt at different degrees, adjustable chairs allow users to reduce tiredness from prolonged staying straight while also increasing their threshold for it.

Through the use of specialized design elements that allow users to stand up, upright wheelchairs also promote the wellness of its owners, which benefits the pulmonary and digestive systems as well as other biological functions.

A wider seat wheelchair might be necessary if toppling down is a worry if the authorized consumer doesn't have much core stability, and/or if their motor skills are impaired. The ideal fit can be an elevated recliner, or a sit-up or stand-up safety feature.

Having considered different ways of selecting the best wheelchair for yourself, we must now look at the different wheelchair options available. This part is of extreme importance to ensure that you have the most suitable wheelchair type that accommodates you the best. Among the most common types are as follows:

Aisle Wheelchair

All-Terrain Wheelchair

Bariatric Wheelchair

Beach Wheelchair 

Ergonomic Wheelchair

High-Back Reclining Wheelchair 

Lightweight Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair

Pediatric Wheelchair


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